Unlimited Calling Packs Announced by Airtel India - Jio Effect

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After Vodafone, Airtel is trying hard to give answer to Reliance Jio for their unlimited call plans. Since reliance jio has extended their unlimited call and unlimited 4G internet offer, Airtel and other cellular companies are losing many customers. Here is the new plan announced by Airtel is targeting airtel to airel callers. 

Unlimited Calling Packs Announced by Airtel India - Jio Effect

Unlimited Calling Packs
In the new plan, airtel has announced unlimited calling and data combo pack. There are two packs, which are giving unlimited call and free data combo pack respectively. Below is more detail about both the packs, do check out and recharge with the one which suits your usage the best.

Rs.149 Unlimited Calling Pack

Under this plan, users will need to recharge with Rs.149 pack, under which he/she will get unlimited airtel to airtel calling (nationwide), and also gets 300 MB 4G (50MB for for those who don’t have 4G phones). Validity of this plan will be 28 days only.

This is new plan announced today by airtel to get more users and to give them free calls across the nation at lowest price. Do check out another plan of Rs.349/-.

Rs.349 Unlimited Calling Pack

Under 349 Plan, Airtel will offer Airtel to Airtel calling (nationwide) for free and along with they will get 1GB of 4G data while non 4G handset users will get 50 MB of 2G data. Validity of this plan will be 28 days only.

This is the biggest ever plan announced by Airtel after Jio announcement. Though, any of the free plans from competitors didn’t affect Reliance jio growth, they are already reached 5 million users and now heading towards 100 million users by March 2017.

This plan can be recharged by both, new and existing customers and all Pan India airtel subscribers can renew this plan now. Vodafone has also announced similar plan where they are giving double data benefit.

For more updates on 4G plans and new data plans, keep visiting us.

Vodafone Double Data Benefit Offer for New And Existing Customers

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The effect or you can say aftershock of Reliance Jio is not over yet. Many more cellular companies are coming with more and more 4G or free call offer. This time again Vodafone which is trying hard to retain their 4G customers has started giving extra data usage to the 4g users.

Vodafone Double Data Benefit Offer for New And Existing Customers

In the new offer from Vodafone, Vodafone India has announced to give double data benefits to the 4G customers. It means if you recharge for 1GB pack, you will get double of it. Interesting right? Do check out more about this offer below.

Vodafone Double Data Benefit Offer

Under this new offer, Vodafone to give double of the recharge data pack to the users. This offer will be applicable for all the new and existing users of Vodafone 4G india. Only condition is that customers need to recharge for Rs.255and above to get double data benefit.

Which are the 4G data plans will get benefit with this offer?

There is 1GB to 10GB data pack available from Vodafone which gives you this offer. Below we have mentioned package details and additional benefit on this 4g package of Vodafone.
  1. Rs. 255 you will get 1GB of 4G data and 1GB 4g data extra (valid for 28 days) (total benefit 02 GB)
  2. Rs. 459 you will get 3GB of 4G data and 3GB 4g data extra (valid for 28 days) (total benefit 06 GB)
  3. Rs. 559 you will get 4GB of 4G data and 4GB 4g data extra (valid for 28 days) (total benefit 08 GB)
  4. Rs. 999 you will get 10GB of 4G data and 10GB 4g data extra (valid for 28 days) (total benefit 20 GB)
  5. Rs. 1999 you will get 20GB of 4G data and 20GB 4g data extra (valid for 28 days) (total benefit 40 GB)
So, in short if you recharge with Rs.999 pack, you will get 20 GB of 4G data to use and that costs you around Rs.50 per GB. Pretty amazing offer, Vodafone users from all circles can take benefit of this offer.

This offer has been announced after reliance jio has announced to extended the preview offer with Happy New Year offer, under which till 31st March, 2016 customers will get free call, free 4G data (unlimited) and free reliance jio service. 

Also, Reliance Jio has hit 50 million user base in India in shortest span of time. Reliance jio is fastest growing cellular company of India; do check our blog for more updates.

How to do Mobile Portability to Reliance Jio [Change Mobile Operator to Reliance Jio]

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Jio.com - Reliance Jio has thrilled cellular industry of india. After announcement of Free calls and free 4G Internet for 90 days under reliance jio preview offer, many people wants to change their mobile operator and wants to join reliance jio. Here is guide for those who wants to join reliance jio by mobile portability. Follow below mentioned steps and you can move to reliance jio now.

What is mobile portability?

Mobile portability is new facility under which mobile users can change their operator without changing mobile number. So, if you are using Idea/airtel or Vodafone right now and want to enjoy free internet and free calls of reliance jio, you need to switch to reliance jio by using mobile portability. By this, you will not change your mobile number, but within 5 days, you can start using reliance jio network.
Right now there is quite long queue in reliance jio stores in almost all cities of india. But after 5th September (official lunch of reliance jio) other mobile network’s users can also get chance to switch to reliance jio.

Update :- At the announcement of Happy New Year Offer, Mukesh Ambani has officially announced that Reliance Jio is now accepting Mobile portability option. Do check out the below tutorial for mobile portability.

How to Switch to Reliance Jio using Mobile Portability?

Reliance Jio Mobile Portability
Using below method of simple steps, you can change your mobile operator to reliance jio. Just follow each step carefully, and you will be using reliance jio soon.
Step 1 :- Open your mobile’s message box and type “<Port><space><your mobile number> and send this sms to1900.
You will be charged for normal sms charge.
Step 2 :- you will receive UPC code which you will receive from 1901 number. Save this UPC code.
Step 3 :- within 15 days, reach to the nearest reliance jio store and show this UPC code.
Step 4:- produce all original documents and buy new reliance jio sim card from store
Step 5 :- you need to fill CAF (Customer agreement form) at reliance jio store.
Step 6:- for next 5 days, you will be on your old mobile operator’s network, after 6th day, insert your reliance jio sim card in any 4G phone and you can start enjoying internet for free.

Hope you liked this article, and we hope that we help you out in getting mobile portability to reliance jio.

Reliance Jio tariff Plans

As mentioned in our post, Reliance jio tariff plans starts from Rs.149 to Rs.4999 per month. As your need, you can start using reliance jio tariff plans. As of now, all the customers are happy with reliance jio speed of 4g internet and free calls. You can also give a try with mobile portability.
For more updates on the reliance jio, keep visiting us.

Reliance Jio Announces Happy New Year Offer - Extenders Free Data Usage by 31st March, 2017

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Do you want to use high speed internet of Reliance Jio more? Here is good news for Jio lovers. After official launch of the reliance jio, there were many rumors that Jio’s preview offer in which they were offering 90 days free 4G internet could be extended. But here is news which was just announced by Reliance Jio MD, Mr.Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Jio Announces Happy New Year Offer - Extenders Free Data Usage by 31st March, 2017

As you know, Reliance jio is fastest growing cellular company in India, has crossed 52 million 4G users in very short time. Since after 5th September, 2016 when Jio was formally announced by Mr. Ambani, they were getting huge customers due to free internet, free calls and for much more.

Now, here is the news, on the occasion of 52 million customer benchmark, Reliance Jio has announced “Happy New Year Offer”.

Happy New Year Offer by Reliance Jio 2016

Happy New Year Offer
Under this new offer, reliance jio will offer free 4G internet (1GB per day), free calls, free roaming, free Video calling, free paid applications which you can download from google play store and use it for different purpose, can be used for free till 31st March, 2017.
Below are some important points about this new offer...
  • Customer who will buy reliance jio sim card after 4th December, 2016, will get new year offer benefit
  • Daily data usage is limited to 1Gb only (4g speed)
  • So total 30 GB free internet for all Jio users
  • After daily FUP, users will get 128 KBPS
These are the big announcement made by Mr. Ambani about New Year offer of Jio. Below is briefer note about what they announced about Reliance Jio reaching 52 million accounts.

Mr.Ambani's Big announced at the occasion of 52 Million Customers of Reliance Jio

  • Reliance jio has registered over 900crore voice calls in last 90 days of launch.
  • 8% of Jio towers are noticed super busy due to high data usage by users
  • Only 8% of Jio customers consume 1gb or less data while all other are using much more.
  • Jio has improved call block rate from 90% to 20%
  • Jio will start free home delivery of sim card and register customer info via eKyc
  • Reliance Jio is now support mobile portability as well. You can use reliance jio network without changing your existing number
  • By March, 2017, reliance jio will have more than 4 lakh digital outlets as well
  • Mr. Ambani supports government of india’s decision on demonetization.
So, are you buying new sim card of Jio? Why should not, we are getting free data usage and free sim card, one should defiantly use it.

Follow These Steps to Exchange Old Rs 500, 1000 notes - Download Application Form

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RBI.org.in - Government of india has taken some strong step to curb black money and terror funding across india. With this step, Government has banned old notes of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 from immediate effect from midnight of 9th November, 2016. Though, government has introduced the new notes of Rs.500 and Rs.2000 which people of india can exchange with in time limits. Below is online application form for exchanging old notes and step wise step guide to fill it. 

Do you want to Exchange Old notes of Rs.500/1000? if yes, Do Download the below mentioned application form and fill it. We have provided the application form which bank accepts or ask you to fill in case you want to exchange old notes. Do check out our guide and how to fill application form guide.

Download Online Application Form of RBI to Exchange Old Notes of Rs.500/1000

Online Application Form
Note :- This application form has been released by Reserve Bank of India, which you need to physically submit at the nearest bank.

Step by Step Guide to Fill Online Application Form

  • Step 1 :- Fill the name of the bank where you are submitting this form.
  • Step 2 :- Enter the name of the person who is exchanging Notes
  • Step 3 :- In this box, you have to write anything. You just need to bring any of the documents mentioned in this box. You can bring Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving Licence, Voter ID, Passport, NREGA Card or any other card issued by GoI.
  • Step 4 :- Enter the number of ID (you must have driving licence number, PAN number, Aadhar no etc). 
  • Step  5 :- Enter the details of the notes you have to exchange. Make sure you can exchange up to rs.4000 value of notes per day/per person. 
  • Step 6 :- Signature of the person who is submitting the form. 
  • Step 7 :- Enter the place and Date you are submitting form on.

Limitation of Exchanging notes using above Form

  • You can only Exchange up to Rs.4000 value of money using above form.
  • This form will be accepted in all banks, all over india.
  • You can any amount of cash in bank deposit.
  • You can have instant cash for exchange from bank person.
  • The limit of exchange amount is till 24th November, after that one can exchange any number of notes.
RBI Helpline Numbers
  • if you have any issue, you can call 02222602944- 02222602201 (RBI helpline numbers for 24*7 support).

Hope this information will help you to exchange old notes and get new notes easily. All banks across india and RBI has made enough provision that you get notes instantly. For more updates on this topic, keep visiting us.

Get 100% Cashback at Mother Dairy - Pay via Paytm

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If you are buying milk daily from mother dairy, here is good news for you. Now you can get it free till 30th November, 2016 as paytm introduced 100% Cashback offer for the mother dairy customers. Here is an exclusive offer by paytm which allows customers to pay via paytm wallet and get free milk products.

Yes, this is real offer and limited to Delhi NCR only. If you want free milk from mother dairy, you can get it via using paytm wallet. Below are steps to avail this offer where you can get free milk from mother dairy. Do follow below steps carefully and enjoy free milk.

Cashback at Mother Dairy - Pay via Paytm

How to redeem this offer of 100% cashback?

To redeem this offer, you DO NOT need any coupon code, just follow the steps as mentioned;
  • Go to the this link of paytm and avail free QR code
  • Or go to the mother dairy outlets and pay for your order via paytm wallet using QR code
  • Once you make payment at mother dairy outlet, you will receive assured cashback in no time.
Terms & Condition*:-
  • Minimum transaction required is Rs.20, 100% cash back will be credited in your account within 48 hours.
  • Maximum cashback limit is Rs.100
  • Offer only valid where paytm QR code is accepted
  • Cashback offer only applicable per user 1 transaction only.
  • Offer only available in Delhi/NCR
  • Offer valid till 30th November, 2016.

Paytm Promo code

If you want promo codes of the other deals at paytm, you can read our exclusive post where we are updating promo codes of paytm which allows you cash back on every prepaid recharge and post paid recharge.

Vodafone Announce Unlimited Free Call Plan – Only For Rs.449 [Jio Impact]

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One of the best thing about reliance jio which customers of india attracted was not high speed internet but the Free national calling. Yes, After the announcement, there are very few people who use mobile internet lobbying to get free sim of reliance jio, but there are more people who want Jio connection to make free calls. Seems like the other cellular companies got this now.

Vodafone has just announced Free Unlimited Calling Plan at Just Rs.449.  This is surely Jio Impact as after launch of reliance jio, there is huge migration of customers from other network to reliance jio, and the reason now every other cellular companies are trying to get in this business.

Unlimited Free Calling at Rs.449 – new Plan from Vodafone

As of now, this new plan has not been made public by Vodafone and being offered to limited pre-paid customers only. In this plan, customers who receive the sms will need to recharge for Rs.449 and his a/c will be filled with free unlimited calling and free 3G/4G data for 30 days.

The customers who receive this message need to avail this offer and the recharge benefit will be credited in their account with in 4 hrs only.

This is not the new and single plan which announced by companies with Jio impact. Jio entry has given very big night mare to many companies earlier too. Vodafone has announced plan few days back where they were offering 10GB 4G data at the price of 1GB only.

This offer is only available in the circle where Vodafone 3G/4G network is available. It has been important to note here that Vodafone has already announced free roaming service and now with this plan, they are very near to the fight with reliance jio.

Reliance jio needs to fetch new customers, while Vodafone and airtel has already huge data customers. They just need to save customers while for Jio is double game, to gain and retain customers.

Do check out the more reliance jio updates and Vodafone 4g plans here regularly.

List of Promo Code for Freecharge (November 2016) - Mobile Recharge Offers

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Freecharge.in - Want to recharge your mobile with less money? Try out Freecharge coupon codes which can give you up to Rs.500 of cash back with every recharge of prepare mobile and postpaid bill payments. Freecharge is best website to recharge your phone at easy clicks. You can do all kind of recharge like DTH recharge, Freecharge wallet, mobile recharge, bill payments etc.

List of Promo Code for Freecharge (November 2016) - Mobile Recharge Offers

Freecharge Promo Code
You can use below mentioned Freecharge Promo Code to get maximum cashback on every recharge. The latest recharge offers of freecharge have been listed below. If you are freecharge customer, you can choose this one offer or you can also try our Paytm Promo Codes too (for paytm users).
With the starting of November 2016 month, freecharge has announced new coupons which can be used to get cash back offers, recharge money offer and much more. Also, you can take benefits of freecharge coupons, as freecharge offers Rs.50 to Rs.500 of coupons from various food stores to cloth store to free ride coupons on every recharge for free.

You can get the coupon for free using below mentioned code, just try it now.

Freecharge Coupon Codes for Flat Cashback

Do check out our latest collection of freecharge codes, enjoy free recharge every time;
  • GET50 :- Till 10th November,2016 you can use this coupon to get flat Rs.50 to Rs.500 (5%) cashback (which will be credited on your freecharge wallet).
  • 10X :- Get flat Rs.10 of cashback on every prepaid recharge on freecharge.
  • RVI0A70 :- If you are new user to Freecharge, you can use this coupon for getting Rs.45 to Rs.100 of cashback.
  • RUPAY :- if you are using Rupay debit card while recharging mobile, you can use RUPAY code to get Rs.50 to Rs.250 of cashback.
  • PAYDTH :- Good news for DTH Recharge lovers, you can use PAYDTH coupon at Freecharge to get 5% of cashback flat on DTH recharge (any company - freecharge promo code for dth recharge).
  • DTH30 :- Get Rs.30 of cash back on DTH recharge of minimum Rs.300.
  • 2FC :- if you are paying bill or recharge your prepaid mobile, you can use 2FC code to get 2% of cash back. You can use this code for 3 times.
  • DEAL5X :- Flat 5X benefits on any transaction (up to Rs.199).
  • POWER50 :- Get Rs.50 of cashback on electricity bill payments of Rs.500+.
  • NEW100 :- 100% cashback on every first traction on freecharge.
  • MAGIC100 :- Get up to Rs.100 of cashback on Rs.25 or more of prepaid recharge (only for new user).
For more promo codes from freecharge, you can keep visiting us.

Domino’s Rs.200 eGift Voucher – Free Discount Coupon for Domino’s Pizza (Unlimited Times)

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Do you love to eat Domino’s pizza? Well, here is good news for you. You can get flat Rs.200 of discount for using below mentioned trick. Check this Latest Loot offer from Domino’s Pizza and get flat discount of Rs.200 each time you order pizza from Domino’s.

Domino’s Rs.200 eGift Voucher – Free Discount Coupon for Domino’s Pizza (Unlimited Times)

Every month Domino’s introduce new offer where customers get big discounts from Domino’s. This time too domino’s Loot offer is giving big discount which you love to order. Try some new pizza’s from dominos this festival session with free loot offer.

How to Avail Rs.200 eGift Voucher For Free?

eGift Voucher dominos


  • To get free eGift voucher, you need to follow below mentioned easy steps, do check and revert to us.
  • To get free eGift voucher, you need to fill this survey from Domino’s.
  • Click here to fill the survey.
  • Select the answers
  • Enter your mail id
  • After getting message like “thanks for filling out surveys” you will get egift voucher on your mail id.
  • Use that eGift voucher code at the time of check out on Dominos.co.in
Terms and condition to avail this eGift Voucher
  • Customer can fill unlimited time this survey to get Rs.200 of gift voucher discount coupon code.
  • No refund will be given if the order bill is less than the discount coupon
  • Only order above Rs.300+ will be delivered at home.
  • Customers can avail this code at any domino’s pizza India restaurant (expect airport restaurants).
  • You can use only one code per order
  • No need to collect physical code, you can use it electronically.
  • Only EGV mode of payment will be accepted.
  • Only applicable online, you can get multiple delivery option.
  • For any confusion regarding the coupon code, you can write to domino's at G-Dominos_GV@jublfood.com
These are the terms and condition of new Rs.200 eGift Voucher of dominos. To get information about new gift vouchers from Dominos and others, keep visiting us.    

Bonus :- Use "DINE08" code to get one free pizza on ordering one. (only for pick up order).

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Working Paytm Promo Code November 2016 – Promo Codes for Recharge offers

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Are you looking for promo code to recharge your phone or to pay bills via paytm? Using below mentioned promo codes, you can fill your paytm wallet with latest offers and claim cashback offers too. Here we have listed month wise latest promo codes which you can use while checkout on paytm.com.

Working Paytm Promo Codes November 2016

Working Paytm Promo Codes
Paytm website is very good for those who want to recharge their DTH, mobile prepaid balance, to pay electricity bill payments, and to pay all other bills or to book cinema tickets, you can now use unique payment gateway of paytm wallet.

Use below mentioned Paytm Promo Code to get maximum benefits of cashback, starting from Rs.20 cashback to Rs.500 cashback, you can claim multiple paytm offers using coupon codes.

Claim Paytm wallet Cash back offers with Paytm Coupon Codes

There are multiple coupons available for paytm users, old and new customers both can use these coupons to claim associated offers. Do check and enjoy cash back.

Paytm Diwali Coupon Code 2016

  • DHAMAKABILL :- Use this coupon to get cash back on bill payments, up to Rs.500 cash back.
  • DHAMAKA150 :- Use this coupon code to get up to Rs.150 cash back on mobile recharge.
  • DHAMAKADTH :- If you want to recharge your DTH cable set up box, you can use this code to get up to Rs.350 of cashback.

Paytm Prepaid Recharge Coupons for All operators

  • GRAB5 :- Use this code to get 5% of cash back (maximum Rs.200) on mobile recharge).
  • GRAB200 :- you can use this code to get up to Rs.200 of cashback on recharge + bill payments. (you can use this code for maximum of 5 time only).
  • PAYTMAPP :- Get Flat Rs.25 of cashback on any operator mobile recharge on November, 2016.
  • RUPAY25 :- if you are using Rupay Debit card, you can get Rs.25 to 250 of cashback using this code.

Operator Specific Coupon Codes of Paytm

If you are recharge or paying your postpaid bills of BSNL, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel, TATA or Airtel, you can use below mentioned coupon codes anytime.
  • Airtel400 :- Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.
  • TATA400 :- Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above. Only for TATA docomo users.
  • AIRCEL400 :- (Only for AIRCEL users) Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.
  • VODA400 :- (Only for VODAFONE Postpaid users) Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.
  • IDEA400 :- (Only for Idea users) Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.
  • BSNL400 :- (Only for BSNL postpaid users) Use this coupon to get Rs.30 of cashback on bill payments of Rs.400 and above.

Bill payment coupon / promo codes of Paytm

  • BILLPAY :- Get Flat 3% of cashback on electricity bill payment via paytm.
  • PAYBILL :- Get Rs.100 of cashback on 1st time electricity bill payment and Water bill payment for bill above Rs.500 (you can use it only one time per account).
For more Paytm Codes, keep visiting us, we will update more Paytm codes on this page.