Airtel 4G Vs Reliance Jio 4G [Comparison] - Speed Test, 4G Plans

Airtel 4G Vs Reliance Jio 4G [Comparison]. Upcoming years (of course including this one too) are gonna be the high speed internet years, for India. With the beginning of this internet era, various telecom industry will be in a queue to compete with each other. All of them are offering different features and profits, and stand alone with their own identity. 

Airtel 4G Vs Reliance Jio 4G [Comparison] - Speed Test, 4G Plans

Airtel 4G Vs Reliance Jio 4G
Airtel and Reliance are two of the biggest internet facility provider in India and here in this article, we will be providing the difference between two of them, in details.


- Reliance telecomm industry has recently launched its 4g services in collaboration with jio 4g telecommunication industry. And this was done to share each other’s spectrum for offering 4g services to their customers, for providing better networking technology.

- Going for the Broadband wireless access speed for reliance 4g service, then it is about 2300 MHz spectrum range, all over the country along with 800 MHz spectrum range in 10 circles and 1800 MHz spectrum range in 6 circles.

- LITE Service is used by reliance in order to provide a technical concept of VoLTE Which can be described more precisely as Voice Over Long Term Evaluation. This technology is used to provide the true features for 4G services.

- Reliance communication uses LITE – FDD (I.E Frequency Division Duplex) technology more forwardly then TDD (Time Division Duplex) and FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) in combination.

- Other facilities include HD quality voice calling, mobile net surfing, and apps for watching live TV, internet wallet, super affordable tariff plans and many more.

- All in one, you will get 10 GB data in just INR 100, and of course whose not gonna love it. And under Jio Preview Offer, You will get 90 days of free reliance jio wifi and voice calling.

In short, you are going to love new Reliance 4G lite services.


It is very well known fact that Airtel telecommunication users occupy the most of the coverage population area of India and it is the most used 4g service in India. 

- Airtel is also best known for its various offering in terms of night plans, day packs, hours pack, and various other special tariff vouchers as well. 

- Airtel uses 2300 MHz spectrum range and recently bought 15 new circles throughout India for its network coverage.

- Airtel uses TDD ( Time Division Duplex ) technology to provide 4g services to its subscribers.

- Airtel offers great 4g speed and no body could deny it whoever uses this technology. The download speed is around 8-10 mbps and uploading speed in average is 2 mbps. 

- One fact that must keep in mind that, it is true that Airtel offer various prices and ranges for its plan but it is also true that Airtel plans are much costlier as compared to any other telecommunication company. One of the example is the Airtel offers 15 GB data for 4g services in rs 3249. Isn’t it high enough?

Speed Test - Airtel 4G vs Reliance Jio

Above is video of speed test between airtel 4g network and reliance jio 4G, you can clearly in see in speed test, Reliance jio wins with high margin.

But of course, if we go for the quality factor more than the pricing, than no one could change the fact that offering by Airtel in terms of quality and quantity, are the best offerings in a country like India.


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