Airtel Reduced 4G/3G Data Pack Price [Reliance Jio Effect]

Reliance Jio Effect, Airtel India reduced data pack price of 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Internet. In some data plans, Airtel has reduced the price and in some plans they increased the data benefit. Around 67% increase in amount of Data (MB/GB) or in some cases 45% price reduced for Prepaid data plans. In other news, Vodafone 4G and Idea cellular too going to reduce the data plan price.

Airtel Reduced 4G/3G Data Pack Price [Reliance Jio Effect]

After unofficial announcement of Reliance Jio Lunch on independence day (15th August, 2016), most of the cellular companies in india are feeling heat over high competition. As, before commercial lunch, reliance jio is 6th largest cellular company and the Jio preview offer which provides  90 days of free unlimited data usage and voice calling, Vodafone, Airtel and Idea (big players of indian cellular market) now reducing the price.

For example, the earlier price of 3GB 4G data pack in airtel which cost Rs.655/- will now provide 5G data in same price (67% more). Same goes for other packs like rs.989 plan or Rs.455 plans in which now user will get 10 GB of data usage (6.5 GB on 4G speed, 3 GB on 2G speed).

Below is table of Revised 4G/3G plans of Airtel
Revised 4G 3G plans of Airtel

Not only for 3G and 4G, airtel has reduced 2G plans as well.  Starting From Rs.5  to 25 to Rs.145, all airtel 3g/2g dual speed plans are now reduced to 45% price. Just a week before, airtel has announced happy hours plan, now reduced price too. Airtel is doing everything to keep their customer with them.

Below is revised list of Airtel 2G/3G data pack
Airtel 2G 3G data pack

As from the above two tables, it is clear that Reliance Jio has shaken up this industry before lunch only. Now waiting for the official lunch of Reliance Jio, it will blow them up for sure.


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