TIPS* to Increase 4G Internet Speed on Reliance Jio

If you have bought new Reliance Jio sim card or connection, you must have faced slow internet speed issue. In that case, here we are solving your problem of slow internet speed. Do check out our tips to increase 4G internet speed on Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio, since after its launch, people are searching for sim card just to enjoy fast internet on mobile. 

Tips to Increase 4G Internet Speed on Reliance Jio

Increase 4G Internet Speed on Reliance Jio
But after getting so many customer requests for new connection, some user have faced slow internet problem on reliance jio. Many of them have not enjoyed reliance jio high speed internet on mobile. 

If you have also bought new reliance jio connection (via mobile or sim card), and you are also facing slow internet issue, you can follow below mentioned tips to increase your reliance jio internet speed.

How much speed Reliance Jio has promised?

As per our Speed test of Jio in various cities of reliance jio (before commercial launch), we have measured 17 – 20 MBPS speed from different cities on reliance jio LYF mobiles and Reliance Jio Mifi spot. So, if you are getting speed below 17MBPS you need to follow below mentioned speed to get up to 17MBPS speed.  “Up to” speed means you will get maximum speed of 17MBPS, not necessary that you get that much speed all the time. But in worst case too, reliance jio providing 7MBPS speed minimum to almost all users.

You might have measured low speed after reliance jio shifted many users from preview offer to welcome offer. Also, they put 4GB daily limit (which quite enough) to the users. Currently, Reliance jio connections are totally free till 1st January, 2016 (as mukesh ambani has announced in reliance AGM).

How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed?

Below are steps you need to follow to increase your internet speed on mobile. Please make sure that high speed internet of reliance jio can be only possible in 4G Smartphone only. Your Smartphone should be 4G enabled. 2G/3G Smartphone cannot achieve high speed of 17 MBPS. Do follow to increase reliance jio internet speed on 4G smartphone;
  • Turn off your mobile data after going in settings.
  • Get access of your “access” point names in mobile network options in settings
  • You can see  “Jio APN” open that APN,
  • Change APN protocol from IPV4 to IPV6
  • Save the settings,
  • Restart your mobile data, and check the internet speed.
After changing your APN settings, you must have observed increase in internet speed.

How this happen?

Well, as we know Reliance jio network works on IPv6 network. But many smartphones (4G) have default settings of IPv4 to save data usage to limit your speed. But reliance jio can works on high speed APN too, so we should use IPv6 to use high speed internet.

Hope our article has helped you to increase your mobile internet speed. For more updates on Reliance Jio, keep visiting us.


  1. not working....after changing the APN to is not connecting

  2. Internet doesn't connect after changing to IpV6

  3. Internet doesn't connect after IPV6 change in apn.

  4. bakwas trick tha ,, noit worked