Priyanka Chopra Applied for Reliance Jio Sim Card? – Application Form Goes Viral

Just after few days of official lunch of reliance jio 4G service in india, there is huge demand of reliance jio sim card in india. You can see long queue ahead of reliance jio express store. Not only common people, but Bollywood star also Applied for Reliance Jio sim card. Well, its not the confirmed news but one application form of reliance jio goes viral on social media. Its non-another, Bollywood diva Priyanka chopra whose application form pic goes viral.

Priyanka Chopra Applied for Reliance Jio Sim Card? – Application Form Goes Viral

Below is viral pic of Priyanka chopra’s reliance jio application form. The application form has sign almost like priyanka chopra and has same middle name as priyanka chopra too. Also, application form has passport size picture attached of actress.
Priyanka Chopra Applied for Reliance Jio Sim Card

While Priyanka chopra has not reacted to this viral pic as she is busy in Shooting of ABC TV series Quantico in New York. But the image of priyanka chopra’s application form for reliance jio sim card has been widely forwarded on facebook, twitter, whatsapp since last 3 days. While Priyanka chopra had congratulated Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani on twitter on the occasion of reliance jio launch.

What is offer going on Reliance Jio?

As per the launch offer, reliance jio is offering free 4G internet, free voice calls, and free SMS for next 90 days. And after launch offer, voice calls will be free always on reliance jio. Also, Reliance jio to offer free roaming in india for rest of the life. You can also buy reliance jio sim cards from official store of reliance jio express stores.

Controversy over using PM’s picture in Reliance Jio advertisement

On the day of reliance jio launch, reliance has dedicated the reliance jio project to Prime Minister modi’s Digital India. And the reason they used prime minister’s picture on newspaper ads. And some opposition political parties have accused reliance and BJP for political tie up. To the answer on this controversy, Reliance chairman mukesh ambani answered that Narendra Modi is prime minister of every Indian, of me and me of yours. So, reliance jio can also use prime minister’s picture. After this response, the controversy rest.


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