What to do – if Reliance Jio Sim Not Working in your Phone


Soon after getting Reliance Jio sim card, most of people in india are super exited to use the Free 4G internet on Jio network. Many are using but many still faces the problem to activate reliance jio sim card on mobile. If you have reliance jio sim card and its not working on your phone, you have to do the things as mentioned below. We have identified some of the common issues which many users face. If you have that problem, you can solve the problem by following our guide and start using the reliance jio card now.

What to do – if Reliance Jio Sim Not Working in your Phone

Currently  almost all users on reliance jio are using Preview offer (or welcome offer) under which reliance jio offering free calls, sms, roaming and free 4G high speed internet. If you are also want to use that free internet and take benefit of super high speed internet of reliance jio, you can try the below mentioned things now. 

Reliance Jio Sim Not Working
Before going to below guide,make sure you have followed steps to activate reliance jio sim card. Do check our Guide on How to Activate Reliance Jio Sim Card.

Common Requirement Needed for using Reliance Jio Sim

There are some requirements which people forgot to check before checking the sim card activation of Reliance Jio. Do check out the below requirements, if it has in your smartphone, you can use reliance jio sim card.

Do you have 4G Phone or Feature phone?

Feature phone are old phones (1 and half year) which does not support 4G connection while Reliance Jio only works with 4G phone.

You have 2G/3G Smartphone.

If you have 2G/3G smartphone you might not able to use 4G service of reliance Jio. You can still use reliance jio on 2G/3G smartphone, but for that, you need to follow our tutorial to activate reliance jio in 2G/3G phone.

Dual Sim card phone but only one slot is 4G

There are some smartphones which are 4G but only in one slot of dual sim card slots. One slot might be  2G/3G while another is 4G. In that case, try to change the slots and activate reliance jio sim card.

These are the some common requirements needed to use reliance jio network. Now check out the problems faced by users (which they addressed us in comment section). Here is the solution of that and help/guide to activate reliance jio sim card.

Can’t make any calls but Sim card is Working

If your net is working on reliance jio but you cannot make calls, in that case, you need to install Reliance Jio “Jio Join”app from Google play store. After installing Join Jio app, you will start making calls too.

SIM Recognised but no signal

This is most common question we heard in last few days. If such problem, you need to start following below mentioned steps;
  • Make sure you have properly inserted sim card in sim card slots.
  • Turn on internet data from settings, if internet data is off, you cannot make use anything in Jio.
  • Make sure you have chosen ipv6 network option from network settings.
  • Choose LTE network from the Settings>mobile network and choose LTE in preferred network type.
  • Choose Reliance Jio as mobile operator from mobile networks.
  • If still doesn’t work, call on reliance jio customer care.

SIM is not recognised

If the sim card is not recognised, you need to change the sim card slot. As mentioned above, put reliance jio in 4g supported primary sim card slot. 

In that case, switch off your smartphone, remove sim card and put it again. And restart your smartphone.

These are the problems faced by reliance jio users. If you are also facing any problem, do post us in comment below. We will try to answer them. Thank you!


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