Reliance Jio Migrating Users from Preview Offer to Welcome Offer

For new customers of reliance jio, now they will get welcome offer, not the reliance jio preview offer. Earlier, reliance was giving unlimited data to the reliance jio users. Under reliance jio preview offer, users were getting unlimited 4G data, voice call, sms and free roaming, but now they will not get unlimited data. Now under welcome offer, there will be limited of 4GB/per day data on reliance jio.

Reliance Jio Migrating Users from Preview Offer to Welcome Offer

Even some old user of reliance jio gets sms about migrating from reliance jio preview offer to welcome offer. 

Welcome Offer
After official announcement and even before, many users who wants to get free 4G data, were bought reliance jio sim card or 4g phones with which they were getting free reliance jio connection. Under the first batch of user, they were awarded with reliance jio preview offer. Free 4G data, voice call, SMS for 90 days, that was the promise from reliance jio.

But due to data abuse from some users who accessing data for too long, now they will be migrated to welcome offer. You will be continue using 4G data for 90 days for free but now daily limit of data usage will be 4GB only.

Reliance Jio Welcome offer 2016

So, if you are planning to use 4G data on all your device of home, than this must be sad news for you. You can use 4G internet on reliance jio daily 4Gb only. After 4GB usage, you will get 128KBPS of speed.  This is too disappointing. But 4GB per day is still more than enough. If you are average user than also, 1GB per day is enough for you. But if you are planning to use excessive, you should think again.

But there is no change in Voice call or SMS, you can keep using unlimited talktime with reliance jio. And have unlimited SMS too. This daily limit cap is only for data users. This welcome offer will be for 90 days only, after 90 days, you need to choose any of the reliance jio tariff plans. There are multiple plans from reliance jio, starting from Rs.19 to Rs.4999.

The official operation of reliance jio will starts from 1st January, 2017, after 1st January, you will be charged as per the plan you select. For more updates on reliance jio, keep visiting us.

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