Airtel Now gives 10GB free 4G at Rs.259 only

To counter Reliance Jio, mobile cellular companies still giving freebies, so they don’t lose any customer (Forget about gaining one). After Vodafone, Airtel and other companies reduced 4G data price, Airtel again reduced 4G data price to target new customers in upcoming festival session. Airtel has announced new offer where users will get 10 GB free 4G data (only in 4g Smartphone).

Airtel Now gives 10GB free 4G at Rs.259 only

This is new affordable plan which will surely attract the new users who gets 4G in their City. It is also big issue that Airtel has not rolled out 4G network in all cities of india. Many yet to get 4g but still if airtel is targeting big cities where they can get good customer base, this offer is good.

The New offer: Rs.25 per GB 4G Data

10GB free 4G
Yes, as per the new offer, airtel users will get 10GB 4G data on the recharge of Rs.259/-. The offer can be availed by the 4G handset users, and can be avail within 30 days of recharge. Below is more conditions mentioned for new 4G data plans.
  • Rs.259 of Recharge
  • 1GB 4G data instantly
  • Rest 9GB can be availed after downloading My Airtel App
  • Offer only available for people who buy new 4G handset
  • Offer can be availed in 30 days of buy
  • Rs.25 per 1 GB of 4G
The new offer is available in circles where Airtel has 4G network. Customers can check the 4g network availability on official airtel website. And ​​the latest offer allows subscribers to avail a maximum of three recharges within 90 days.

Apart from targeting Reliance Jio, Airtel is also targeting Vodafone which is 2nd best 4G service provider in India. So, if you are airtel user and going to buy new 4G handset, you can avail this offer and enjoy 10GB 4G data in fewer prices for 90 days.

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