5 Big Problems with Reliance Jio Network – Need to Be Solved

Jio.com - Reliance Jio is no doubt a big success. Within short time, they gained huge customer database because of their attractive and low income scheme. As of now, as we know reliance jio service is totally free, free voice call, free 4G internet, Free roaming and all other Service are free till 31st December, 2016. People are standing in long queue to get free sim cards of reliance jio, not only Sim card, they are buying Jio Wifi device, dongle and much more to use reliance jio service.

5 Big Problems with Reliance Jio Network – Need to Be Solved

However, after the lunch, instantly many users started using Jio service but many have faced few problems with the Jio network. Below we have mentioned 5 reasons which are faced by reliance jio users which need to be shorted out soon;
Problems with Reliance Jio Network

4G Internet Speed

Along with me and many of friend who are using 4G internet are having same issue. When we bought the Reliance Jio sim card, we used to get 20MBPS of downloading speed in Metro city. While now it is decreased to almost 1-2 MBPS. At night time, you can get 5-6MBPS speed but in day time its too low. 

No doubt its free grace period, but still users will judge the network from now only. Reliance should increase the speed or do something for this issue. Don’t forget that most of the users are buying reliance jio card only for the internet speed only.

Voice Call – Call Drop issue

We have already covered the Call Drop issue with reliance jio. Many users are still not able to make calls. They have to depend on the secondary cards to make calls. While mukesh ambani has announced that for life time, Voice calls on reliance jio will be free forever. But what to do, when you can’t make free calls in free call service? 

Though, TRAI has given node to Jio side, they said that Vodafone, Airtel are not following the license norms and the reason, there is high call drop %.

Battery Consumption

With 4G internet speed, which uses VOLTE as voice call too, there are very high battery consumption on phone. Even the Reliance LYF phones are consuming high battery and user are not able to use it more than 2-3 hrs.

VOLTE Support in 2G-3G phone

As you know Reliance jio network works on 4G phone only which uses VoLTE service. If you don’t have 4G phones, you can not use Jio service. While with 4G phone and no VoLTE service, you cannot make calls (for which you need to install android app). This needs to be corrected. Jio should make sure that users from all smartphone can use their service.

Buggy Jio Apps

Apart from free internet and free calls, Jio has many app based service like Jio Money, Jio music, Jio Movies and much more. All apps are good but sometimes crash it while using it. Such buggy apps needs to be edited soon.

These are the 5 problems we are facing in jio networks, should be corrected soon. For more updates, keep visiting us.


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