How to use Reliance Jio Sim Card Barcode on 3G phone? - Reliance Jio

Everyone in india is looking for reliance jio sim card to use free service of reliance jio. But getting reliance jio sim card is not easy as you think. Though, now many parts of the countries are having enough stocks of reliance jio sim cards and you can use the jio sim card easily. 

But apart from using free internet on reliance jio 4G smartphone, many people are using reliance jio to get unlimited free calls. And for that, you don’t need 4G smartphone even. Your 2G/3g smartphone can also work for this free call.

Issue with Barcode to get Reliance Jio Sim Card

The customers who got reliance jio sim card must know the process but let tell the first time buyer. In case to get reliance jio sim card, first you need to generate a “barcode” (unique code) from my jio app which can be generated only from 4G smartphone. After getting the barcode, you need to contact your nearest reliance digital express store to get free sim card. 

If you have barcode, you can get reliance jio sim card instantly just after showing aadhar card and other documents. But what for those customers who don’t have 4G smartphone and want to use reliance jio sim card for free calls? Well, here is free guide to get barcode from your 3G smartphone to get barcode for the sim card. Do check out below mentioned steps to generate barcode;

How to Generate Reliance Jio Barcode on 2G/3G Phones?

Reliance Jio Barcode
Follow below mentioned steps to generate barcode from your 2G/g smartphones now;
Step 1 :- Install old version of myjio app via APK installer in your android mobile. After installing myjio app, download all apps of reliance jio in your mobile.

Step 2 :- go to the settings of your phone and go to apps section, clear all data of your reliance jio apps.

Step 3 :- After clearing data from all jio apps, you need to switch off your internet (Wifi or mobile data) and press button next to your myjio app.

Step 4 :- after click on next button, you will asked to “get new reliance jio sim”, just after you get this option, start your internet connection (mobile data or wifi).

Step 5 :- After following above steps, you can successfully generate barcode for the reliance jio sim card from your 2G/3G phone.

Hope you get success with this method to get reliance jio barcode and to get free sim card. If you have any question or query, you can ask us on below mentioned comment box. Enjoy your free voice calls on reliance jio till 31st December, 2016.


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