Difference between Blue and Red Reliance Jio Sim card

After launch of the reliance jio on 5th September, 2016, many people are rushing for to get reliance jio sim card. But to get reliance jio sim card is not that easy. After making rules like only aadhar card holder gets the sim card, it’s even harder to get one. After that, now there are two different color sim card has been sold by reliance jio retailers, some are selling blue color sim card, while some are selling blue color, it’s quite confusing for customers to choose one of them.

Even before reliance jio starts commercial operation, they are already has 16 million + customers in list and also claimed world record. But the numbers can be even more increased if the reliance jio sim cards were available easily. Even in some cities like Delhi, where reliance jio sim cards has been sold at black market at Rs.100 to Rs.500/-. 

But now it’s all old stories, we already posted about all these. Now, today we are solving some query like two color sim cards at reliance jio. Red and Blue, which one is better, which one is good, let’s check out.

Blue Sim card of Reliance Jio

Blue colored sim cards are sold after 5th September, 2016 (after official announcement made by mukesh ambani). You can buy this sim card for FREE from nearest reliance digital express store. Produce required documents like aadhar card and other doc, you can get this sim card. In this sim card, you will get free internet, free calls, free roaming and all reliance jio service free till 31st December, 2016.

Orange/Red Sim card

Sim card of Reliance Jio
This color sim card was issued by reliance to reliance industry employees for test purpose. When in last December 2014, Reliance jio has started operation; they made it limited to employees only. This sim card has been given to reliance employees only, with per-approved company sim code. Company may give it to their employees so no documents are required. 

All schemes and offers are valid on this sim card too.

Difference between two color Reliance Jio sim card

There is not so big difference between any of two. Just that Orange sim card gets activated more quickly than any other sim card of reliance jio. Because of the limited usage of red color sim card, which only given to reliance employees.

You can buy any one of them, you will get all schemes and promotional offer benefits on this sim card, do check out any of them, and buy whichever is available.

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  1. False. I got both sim. The blue one got activated in 15mins and the orange sim took 2 days to get activated..! 😀