SpeedTest.net Confirms Reliance Jio Net Speed is Down Now

Giving free calls and free internet scheme for the first 3 months worked well for Reliance Jio. People rushed to reliance digital express stores to get free reliance jio sim card. As reliance jio is using 4G LTE networks, they promised high speed internet of 135MBPS. Even when we tested reliance jio speed from various cities in india, we got around 20-25MBPS speed (that too for free), but the recent data published by Speedtest.net (which is biggest speed test site in india) has shown that from all cities in india, Speed of reliance jio network has been down.

When the Reliance jio was announced by Mukesh Ambani on 1st September, 2016, All over india was shocked. About the free schemes, free voice calls and free roaming offer from reliance jio was quite big deal. In respond to that, many cellular companies in india had decreased 4G data plan price up to 50% price. We have posted all updates on this blog, after reliance jio announced.

In response to free schemes, India has grabbed Reliance Jio with two hands. More than 1.6cr new customers had joined Reliance jio networks in 1st month of the launch. On the below graph , you can see how 4G internet users has been increased in india. In January 2016, it was around just 97k users, while in August it was 27,42,413 users in india. And it make massive jump in September with 82 lakh customers of 4G.


Now, among all these customers too, the Reliance Jio customers are very high since all of them have started getting reliance jio free sim cards. If you can check, the total users of 4G in india and Jio share in tha is quite big difference. There is significant change in 4G users in September, 2016 (after launch of Reliance Jio).
4g Test in india
But as per the Ookla, the speed of what reliance jio users were getting in starting were much higher than the latest one. When we checked in our speed test videos, we found that earlier in March-April (when reliance jio was available to limited users), they were getting around 20 MBPS speed on average in all ciites of india. But the latest trend shows that now the current average speed is decreased to 7-8MBPS. While this is data from Ookla, the real numbers must be even less than this.
reliance jio speed test

Many of the users on our blog has complained that they are not even getting 2MBPS speed, now it’s decreased to almost 0.5MBPS. The only reason we found that on free usage, people are using it over limit; the real speed test will be known after the free schemes ends by Jio. From 1st January, 2016, the Jio commercial plans will be launched, and in that, the users will pay for what they will get.

Check out our tips to increase 4G speed on Reliance Jio network, for more updates on the reliance jio ,keep visiting us.


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