Reliance Jio Announces Happy New Year Offer - Extenders Free Data Usage by 31st March, 2017

Do you want to use high speed internet of Reliance Jio more? Here is good news for Jio lovers. After official launch of the reliance jio, there were many rumors that Jio’s preview offer in which they were offering 90 days free 4G internet could be extended. But here is news which was just announced by Reliance Jio MD, Mr.Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Jio Announces Happy New Year Offer - Extenders Free Data Usage by 31st March, 2017

As you know, Reliance jio is fastest growing cellular company in India, has crossed 52 million 4G users in very short time. Since after 5th September, 2016 when Jio was formally announced by Mr. Ambani, they were getting huge customers due to free internet, free calls and for much more.

Now, here is the news, on the occasion of 52 million customer benchmark, Reliance Jio has announced “Happy New Year Offer”.

Happy New Year Offer by Reliance Jio 2016

Happy New Year Offer
Under this new offer, reliance jio will offer free 4G internet (1GB per day), free calls, free roaming, free Video calling, free paid applications which you can download from google play store and use it for different purpose, can be used for free till 31st March, 2017.
Below are some important points about this new offer...
  • Customer who will buy reliance jio sim card after 4th December, 2016, will get new year offer benefit
  • Daily data usage is limited to 1Gb only (4g speed)
  • So total 30 GB free internet for all Jio users
  • After daily FUP, users will get 128 KBPS
These are the big announcement made by Mr. Ambani about New Year offer of Jio. Below is briefer note about what they announced about Reliance Jio reaching 52 million accounts.

Mr.Ambani's Big announced at the occasion of 52 Million Customers of Reliance Jio

  • Reliance jio has registered over 900crore voice calls in last 90 days of launch.
  • 8% of Jio towers are noticed super busy due to high data usage by users
  • Only 8% of Jio customers consume 1gb or less data while all other are using much more.
  • Jio has improved call block rate from 90% to 20%
  • Jio will start free home delivery of sim card and register customer info via eKyc
  • Reliance Jio is now support mobile portability as well. You can use reliance jio network without changing your existing number
  • By March, 2017, reliance jio will have more than 4 lakh digital outlets as well
  • Mr. Ambani supports government of india’s decision on demonetization.
So, are you buying new sim card of Jio? Why should not, we are getting free data usage and free sim card, one should defiantly use it.


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